Calpex Pre-Insulated PEX Pipe

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CALPEX is a bonded pre-insulated, self-compensating and flexible piping system suitable to transport low temperature hot water from a heat source underground losing minimal heat.

 The advanced insulation technology with polyurethane foam and the sustainability of the system make CALPEX a long-lasting solution. CALPEX can be laid out in a quick and uncomplicated way and remains operational for decades: an investment that more than pays for itself in the long term.

CALPEX can be used in District Heating, Central Heating & Sanitary applications. It will carry water from Gas/Oil Boilers, Wood Pellets Boilers, Heatpumps, Hot Water Cylinders and many other applications


  • Uno DN 20-150 (¾” – 6”)
  • Duo DN 20-50 (¾" - 2”)
  • Quadriga DN 16-32 (½" - 1 ¼")
  • Best lambda value on the market 0.0216W/mK
  • 24% more flexible due to the new corrugation profile
  • Self-compensating pipe system (no need for special expansion measures)
  • Insulation: PUR foam
  • Carrier pipe: HD PEXa
  • No water ingress with 97% closed cell structure
  • Operating temperature: up to 95°C
  • Smaller outsider diameters allow for smaller trenches which save time and money on installation / civil works
  • Operating pressure: PN 6/10
  • Long coil lengths up to 807m in one run
  • Applications: District heating networks, hot water supply, waste and mains water lines
  • CALPEX is a fully bonded system therefore it is self-compensation, in other words no special expansion elements are required.

Water ingress is hardly worth thinking about with CALPEX because a bond is created between the inner tube and the insulating foam due to a 97% closed cell structure. This closed cell structure therefore will not allow water to ingress through the insulation in the event of damage to the outer protective cover unlike some similar products on the market.

The quality of a low temperature system lies in the heat insulation. The insulation of the CALPEX pipe consists of fine-pored polyurethane foam that is blown using pentane. With a low volume and thin insulation, this achieves an excellent Lambda value of 0.0216 W/mK making CALPEX the best insulated pipe available on the market. The low heat loss saves heating costs and reduces energy consumption over the long term. 


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